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1. Actuarial Disclosure & Profitability Tool - “ADPT”


We are committed to providing every possible solution that is required for our customers and that is where we have a very strong product management group which focuses on the current and future needs of our customers. The solution has been built after an extensive study over a period of 3 years by specialists in Actuary, Finance, CPA and Chartered Accountancy with the purpose of providing the insurance companies with an innovative software that will redefine their current processes and ensure smooth implementation of the regulatory reporting requirements especially in regards to IFRS 17.

With our IFRS 17 Solution, we will offer you a completely Transformative and fully automated IFRS Actuarial Accounting (Sub-ledger modules), IFRS 17 Actuarial Cash Flow Modelling including FCF (for Life & Non-Life Contracts) and Reporting / Disclosure modules for better Financial Control and Reporting.

Our IFRS 17 solution is intended to provide our customers with an interactive and Customizable Analytical Dashboard, where reports can be easily accessed and generated for different departments.

The capability of our solution in providing comparative reports will ensure compliance with the local regulations as well as demonstrate the impact of adopting IFRS 17, thereby enabling our clients in parallel journey as required by the regulators Moreover, with our solution, insurance companies have the provision of a unique feature that presents a comparative view of IFRS 4 and IFRS 17 starting from comparable SOFP, SOPL to comparable Disclosure Reports that provides insurance companies a competitive edge in the market vis-à-vis its peers ADPT is bundled with comprehensive features which are simple, easy to operate, perform the actuarial calculations and quick to extract charts and reports. The key features of the product includes


  • The Product can be easily deployed on Cloud or on the customer’s premises
  • Grouping of contracts can be done on the software
  • Various measurement models can be adopted based on the group.
  • Product caters to entire business functions which includes Underwriting, Claims, Reinsurance and Accounting
  • Product comes with 3 different types of input such as Excel, API, Direct upload based on ETL
  • Simple and easy to configure excel sheets for the manual upload of the input data. The templates are readily available and customizable
  • Attractive dashboards with facility to extract the reports into Ms Excel, Ms-word with charts.
  • Simple and user-friendly application bundled with Maker and checker option
  • Separate provision for Auditors with read only access to the application
  • Facility for multiple uploads of data for the same period with provision for comparison

  • Easy Reconciliation of data with respect to opening and closing of Current Vs Previous Periods

  • Output can be downloaded in Excel and detailed word report on the methodology and assumptions can be customised and generated post the successful run.

2. SMRT- Online Portal for SME & Retail

Smart (SMRT) is a Self Service portal for all your insurance needs as a retail customer / SME. It combines multiple distribution channels and ensures the best user experience. SMRT is Simple and easy to use online business solutions for B2B and B2C customers.

SMRT enables customer and business partners to not only issue policy and endorsements, it engages with them from the business enquiry and try to understand their needs. It ensures that the customer is satisfied with the overall business process starting with the creation of Quotation until the issuance of the policy.

SMRT helps users with interactive dashboards and indicators with the timely information on the registration of the vehicle, renewal of the policy, status of the endorsement and the workflow process of the claims.

SMRT is designed by reputed domain experts across Banking, Insurance sectors to bring the best of technology to leverage to your customers with the best user experience.

SMRT comes with a preconfigured set of products based on the business needs. The most widely used retail products are covered under the SMRT.

The SMRT Portals are flexible to integrate with any core insurance applications.



  • Motor Insurance
  • Marine Cargo / Hull Insurance
  • Home / SME insurance
  • Liability Insurance (WC/ TP)
  • Travel Insurance


  • Individual Medical plans
  • Families Medical Plan
  • Medical SME portal

3. iMAP - Innovative Mobile App

In a mobile-first society, iMAP apps are built with the best user experience. iMAP simplifies the communication between user and clients faster, smoother and effectively. iMAP is platform agnostic and deployable on iOS and Android platforms within a short time. iMAP is built with the concept of keeping simplicity in mind, quick access to the information stored in the insurance applications and making it readily available.

Our Mobile apps are intended to

  • Simple and easy to generate quotes and issue policy
  • Customer friendly information as a self service portal
  • Timely notifications, reminders to improving the customer’s user experience
  • Location service and map in case of emergency redirecting to nearest branch, garage etc
  • CReation of appointments and end to end Task management
  • On-demand data collection, aggregation, and analysis
  • Simplifying the payment process

Our Mobile apps includes

  • Health insurance apps
  • Car insurance apps
  • Life insurance apps
  • Travel insurance apps

4. RAPD - Rapid Analysis and Progressive Dashboard


RAPD is a Rapid Analysis and Progressive Dashboard tool which brings in the advanced Business intelligence capabilities with the help of QLIK Sense, comes with rapid reporting and dashboards for the top Management of Insurance companies. Our BI tool has readily available Dashboards for Underwriting, Claims, Reinsurance, Vehicle Analysis, and Financial Statements.


  • Well structured Metadata across various functions of Business with clearly defined dimensions, hierarchies which helps easy extraction and presentation as dashboards.
  • Grouping and Presentation of information as interactive user experience storytelling, Multi layered charts, Geographical presentation of data across offices based on the location.
  • Easy and responsive presentation of data across Mobiles, Ipads and various devices of users choice.
  • Advanced analytics with the help of drag and drop facility, adding custom business rules on the go, which helps management to dive deep into the data analysis.
  • Publish the user experience, storytelling in various modes by exporting to a presentation, email, raw data into various formats as per the desire of the user.

5. CECL - Current Expected Credit Loss


Given the technology challenges prevalent in the Insurance and Banking industry, AInsurtech has launched “CECL” (Current Expected Credit Loss) a comprehensive digital transformation solution for calculating expected credit loss and related parameters.

IFRS 9 specifies how an entity should classify and measure financial assets, financial liabilities, and some contracts to buy or sell non-financial items. IFRS 9 requires an entity to recognise a financial asset or a financial liability in its statement of financial position when it becomes party to the contractual provisions of the instrument. At initial recognition, an entity measures a financial asset or a financial liability at its fair value plus or minus, in the case of a financial asset or a financial liability not at fair value through profit or loss, transaction costs that are directly attributable to the acquisition or issue of the financial asset or the financial liability.

Salient Features

  • Simple configuration settings.
  • Hassle free process flow from Default Rate to estimated ECL computation.
  • Minimal user interferences throughout the process.
  • Dashboard with Run Status and key results comparison graphs.
  • Easy input interface and output download options.

6. iCOR - Insurance Core Solution for General Insurance


iCOR has been designed to cover all the dimensions and verticals of insurance sector that comes under General insurance.A Full fledged Insurance system built on web technology with simplified business practices across.Our Custom Development approach assures every stake holder or department on need bias to think about what we would reiterate and call the concept of Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ).

When combined the ecosystem of CORE, could be expanded from eKYC navigating to Core System integrated with Finance module and a set of comprehensive reports for operations/finance/Acutarial as well. The system is efficient to provide a simplified user journey for underwriting/claims with a workflow driven manner. It provides data driven dashboard, configurable setups/master programs,Robust tariff engine as well.