About Us

About US

AInsurtech is a AJMS Global entity, a leading global Insurtech, addressing all aspects of Regulators, Insurance companies, and other Stakeholders' businesses including General Insurance, Takaful, Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, and Insurance Broking. AInsurtech Products are built with futuristic technologies and Services are backed by a strong team of domain experts. We are committed to providing cost-effective, highly scalable, and efficient technology solutions by focusing on customers’ requirements and business challenges. The diverse experience and knowledge in the insurance domain have enabled AInsurtech to create solutions that incorporate the world’s best insurance practices.

Who we are?

AInsurtech is a leading global Insurtech provider for BFSI Sector. We use state-of-the-art technologies for our niche IT solutions

Our Mission

To create world class products built with innovation, futuristic technologies, which helps customers simplify their business process and maximize the benefit

Our Vision

To Lead the market as a most trusted IT Solutions provider of Insurtech and Fintech

About AJMS Global

AJMS Global group, a leading multinational group of companies, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, provides Consulting, Restech, Futech, Insurtech solutions to their clients. The group led by Mr. Abhishek Jajoo, Founding Partner & CEO, comprises of Thought leaders & Professionals across domains and technologies in the field of Banking, Insurance, Audit, Legal and Regulatory compliance. AJMS provides comprehensive and factual consulting experience to its clients to equip them for an informed decision-making resulting in a business growth that has larger value creation for stakeholders and empowers its employees. The firm assists organizations to effectively monitor and manage risks, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and expand the business horizon with innovative ideas. Their expertise in an array of services provides valuable insights to the clients which helps them to explore market conditions, mitigate risks and boost revenue.