IFRS 17 Implementations

The success of the ADPT tool depends on how well we perform the IFRS17 Product Implementation. Our team of Domain consultants, technical consultants and actuaries will perform the task of Implementation, starting from the detailed business study and ensuring a successful rollout of the product.

Our team has vast experience in product implementation techniques and provides a well-defined milestone map with very clear objectives and timetables.

The following are the various activities in the implementation process:

  • Project Kick-off
  • Project Planning
  • Business Process Study (Gap Analysis)
  • Software Installation
  • Customer Solution Setup
  • Reports Delivery
  • Core Implementation Group Training (CIG)
  • Customer Solution Acceptance (CSA)
  • Project Closure & Support handover and Live Run


ADPT is capable of taking input in three different ways, which are as follows:

  1. Excel Upload

    Data can be uploaded using a predefined excel template, which is available in the respective screen for download.

  2. API Integration

    ADPT comes with a built-in integration layer, which will be deployed in the customers environment. The Integration layer is built as an ETL layer on top of a Staging database (Staging data base is database agonistic). Web Service will trigger the APIs to enable seamless integration based on a scheduler.

  3. Direct connectivity with the Core DB

    This method is applicable for on premise installation only. The direct Integration layer is built as an ETL layer on top of a Staging table inside the Core insurance schema. The input data will be populated into the ETL Layer on a scheduled manner. The connectivity between the core insurance database and ADPT Database will be synchronized depending on the customer’s requirement and information flow will be automated based on regular intervals.

Custom Development

Custom Software development projects give you bespoke software for your business functionality which exactly fits your needs and adapt with your users needs. We understand your business requirements in depth and bring to you our best of knowledge. We bring you software modules, which are rich in business functionality, seamlessly integrated with your core system and ensure the return on your investment.

Why Custom Development

  • Helps you get unique software for Specific Business Functionality.
  • More Localised development and Cost effective solution.
  • Integrate with various core systems and services based on the nature of business.
  • Data is secured and distributed across business functions.
  • Regulatory requirements and reporting can be simplified without making changes in the core system.

AML product rollout


Our Partner company Remitex Technologies Ltd (DIGI) has been incorporated to bring a whole new digital experience for the retail customers as well as financial institutions. It captures the entire lifecycle of a customer from onboarding to transactions and beyond. We help our customers leverage the benefits of DIGI and ensure the smooth rollout of the products.

DIGI KYC is an inhouse tool catering to digital onboarding. It is an AI driven KYC solution fully compliant with guidelines issued in latest FATF guidance on digital identity. Digital KYC process is also included in joint guidance from the local regulators issued on 5thMay 2020 on the treatment of financial crime risks and obligations in the UAE in the context of the covid-19 crisis. DIGI-KYC helps to automate, streamline, and standardize Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. The solution leverages AI, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and integrations to solve various operational challenges.

Introduce DIGI Mobile App to your client and allow him to send his request in a secured environment. The solution can be deployed at the FI level either as a standalone or as an integrated solution. DIGI allows the client to transmit his request in a secured manner to the Financial Institution with whom he has registered his Digi App. While the instructions / request is received in the App, the fund transfer is initiated from his bank account thereby minimizing any probability of misuse. Even when the client visits the branch, he needs to only deposit the supporting funds, instead of queuing up for transfer application etc.

DIGI-TRANS is a secure and functional digital transaction creating solution for the financial sector to comply with post Covid-19 operational SOP of social distancing and remote functioning. DIGI-TRANS seamlessly integrates with the remittance functions of financial institutions to push the remittance request of onboarded clients to them.

DIGI-COMPLY is a comprehensive Sanction screening and monitoring tool integrated with a Risk assessment to mitigate the risks financial institutions face during the onboarding and ongoing monitoring of customer profile. DIGI-COMPLY is provided as a complete suite for compliance bundled with major sanction lists. The sanction lists are updated on a daily basis in the background. PEP screening is also provided in the pro version of DIGI-COMPLY. DIGI-COMPLY Pro includes subscription to well known PEP data bases.

DIGI Q – A satisfied customer will not only return to you but will refer more customers. Offer a safe and convenient experience to your customers by transforming to a digital queuing. DIGI introduces a you to DIG-Q the virtual queue manager for a seamless experience to the customer and also to comply with the social distancing norms. The current pandemic has led to several changes in the way a person transacts. Social distancing and other measures for the safety of the employees and the public are the norm of the day. To help the FI to comply with the norms, DIGI-Q can be used by the user to schedule his visit to the branch. Digi-Q can either be added on to an existing queue management system to make it mobile friendly or can be used as a standalone product.

Custom Development

The demand for the customization increased based on the frequent changes in the Business practices, enhancements in the level of Security, Business process and compliance etc. In General, the Legacy systems work in a conventional way and do not cater to the demand from the Business. We help customers in undertaking specific business customization depending on the areas of customer’s need and preference.

We undertake Custom Report development based on the requirements and deploy our ETL layer on top of the legacy system. This helps customers to extract the data as multiple layers of information and present them as interactive dashboards and reports. This helps customers to present data to various authorities and caters to the Regulatory related changes.